Ep 9 - Danny Fournier Spreads the Word

In 2011, Danny Fournier founded the Edmonton Music Awards. In addition to that scene-boosting enterprise, he owns and operates Oddball Productions, a music marketing company boosting the careers of individual artists. Danny used to work for a major label and brings that experience to bear on his indie artist offerings. As you'll learn in this episode, he also put in time as a semi-pro wrestler. 

In this episode, we talk about the changes Danny has seen over his decades in the music industry and the ways an artist like me can get his work out to a broader audience in this internet age. Fire up your pen and paper. 

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Ep 7 - Soap Box Duo Get Down to Business

This past Tuesday I sat down with Jenesa and Alexander of Soap Box Duo and was blown away by both their live performance (which you'll hear at the end of this episode) and their business sense and dedication. Music is a long game, and Soap Box Duo are looking 7 years into the future.

You'll hear practical advice here, along with some kicks-in-the-pants to get your nose back to that grindstone. A couple both on stage and off, Soap Box Duo also dedicates themselves to helping victims of childhood sexual abuse, working closely with Little Warriors. 

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Ep. 6 - Steve Derpack Gives Advice on Touring

I'm a member of Alberta Music, which means I get access to some great resources throughout the year. One of these was a one-on-one session with Steve Derpack, a man who has booked hundreds of shows here in Edmonton and beyond. The session focussed on booking tours and festivals, and I asked Steve if I could record our time together for this podcast. He said yes, and the results are full of valuable information (and a little bit of less valuable background noise from the co-work space where this was recorded on my iPhone). 

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